Ticket voucher

The ticket voucher - the perfect gift

Print the gift yourself

Still looking for a gift? Simply print out a ticket voucher at print@home print your own voucher – it doesn’t get any quicker.

Elegantly gift wrapped

Send your voucher in style with your own personalised greeting and - optionally - in a high-quality gift envelope.

For every occasion

You decide the value of the voucher, and give the recipient the freedom to choose from the tens of thousands of events on this website.

To redeem a voucher just click on "I would like to redeem a voucher" in step three of the order process ("Order"). Then simply type in the 13- or 14-digit voucher code.

If you opt for postal delivery, at the end of the order process, you can request an elegant gift envelope, manufactured exclusively for Reservix.

When shipping by post, the delivery time depends on the payment method. You can find more detailed information in our FAQ.

The voucher or value remaining on the voucher may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost of the payment. In this case, you may make an additional payment. You may also redeem several vouchers at once.

Reservix ticket vouchers are valid until the end of the third calendar year after issue.